1. hey x k no puedo ver diskoveri kids agluin me puede ayudar mis babys les gusta mucho este canal y ademas esta en otro idioma y no en espaf1ol espero alguien me de su respuesta. gracias buen dia……

  2. I swear I’ve used a tanker truck of bleach, and nearly as much hand sanitizer, but so far, Hubby and I are still ok, knock on wood. And the boys finally all seem to be over it. No more symptoms in the past 24 hours! The 3 yo was horrified he’d messed his pants, then to have to wear a pull-up, so he’s very relieved. The 10mo got it first, and his diaper rash from it is healed up finally and the 2yo is back on track with potty training.Thanks so much for the cookies and confetti!Kenra Daniels recently posted..

  3. he was going to be betrayed and pointed to the one who then left the room…. What did the rest of them do about it. Did no one think to follow Judas?I’m so sorry to be thinking like this but it’s just easier to point the finger of blame at Judas but we’re all Judas.

  4. Szia Lőrke!Ne haragudj, rossz volt az információ, nem véletlenül nincs kinn a webshop-ban az extra választható jegyzettömb/matrica/karkötő, mert az csak a normál kiadáshoz jár.Ha csak emiatt adtad le a rendelésed a Freedom-ra, akkor kérlek írj egy e-mail-t a -ra és írd le, hogy félreinformáltunk így neked jár egy választható ajándék. Elnézésed és megértésed ezúton is köszönjük!

  5. please give me a break, nothing will happen the protective shield is up as always…..we want through this last year twice and if you all remember Duang approved his brother to be hired (under Dr. Chapman), than one month later they had to come back and redo,,,,,,it will never change until the community wakes up and starts to vote them out of office,,,,,remember in NOVEMBER

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